Who am I?

Hi, I am Alex (Alessandro works too [I]and I used to use Aliosha as a nickname. Lost story, and not that interesting )

I gave up deciding what to do as a grown up and chose instead to mix worlds and domains. I love the social aspect of technology and, conversely, the technological aspects of social interactions, collecting projects and techniques that let people shine and communities grow. Out of the desire to get people to share practical knowledge, to teach and learn from each other in domains that are often opaque, I started collecting tools that developed into the project “Relationship Cookbook”, and all the other things that relate to this project, Wetwarecraft.
Additionally, I sometimes host workshops, events, and retreats, ranging from meditation, movement, relating, and adult playgrounds of different sorts.
In another life, I get paid to tell very primitive artificial intelligences what to do. Every now and then, they even obey me.
I am based in Berlin (where I can sometimes be found for even a few weeks at a time), where I mainly enjoy feeling normal in the wide range of what is normal here, the different subcultures, and the mix of people.

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